Tuesday, November 12, 2019



In analyzing last week's election results, I neglected to tell you about my predictions.  The Cognetti win was not a total surprise in Scranton.  The margin was larger than I expected.  That poses a number of issues.  Will Scranton Democrats unite all factions and rally around an obviously popular candidate?  Will the size of her victory scare off challengers in two years?  Much depends on job performance.  In politics, you can attract a crowd quickly and lose it just as fast.  She does seem to be the favorite of the newspaper crowd, so Cognetti will get the benefit of the doubt from some in the media when something goes wrong.  And, no matter how good you are, something always goes wrong.

Debi Domenick's win for Lackawanna County Commissioner was not a total surprise.  I did raise an eyebrow over her strong second place finish.

Last month's World Series between Houston and Washington was the third lowest rated of all time, and that's a shame.  Yes, some games were blow outs, and the games last way too long.  On the other hand, there were some great stories here, with interesting players.  If you missed this series, you missed a good one.

Sears/KMart is closing about 100 more stores.  In our area, Wilkes-Barre Township, Berwick and Williamsport are going early next year.  A chain that once had close to 4,000 is now down to a couple of hundred.  I've said it before, you cannot cut your way to prosperity.  I would not be surprised if the rest of the chain goes belly up after what is likely to be a horrible Christmas season.  It's too bad.