Monday, November 11, 2019

Veterans Day

There are times I am exceptionally proud of my alma mater, Marywood University.  It was a "college" back in my day.

For the past several years, students have been planting American flags in the field behind the Fine Arts Building.  You can access it from North Washington Avenue.  There is one flag for every soldier's death in the global war against terror, nearly 7,000.

In one hand, it's nice to see the students are aware and active, and that no sacrifice is forgotten.  On the other hand, it makes you sad when you think one flag represents someone who never came home to their family.

One quick story before I go on this Veterans Day.  I was in the Dunmore Sheetz the other morning.  Two soldiers were also in the store.  As I waited for my hot dogs, I could hear several people go up to the soldiers and say five simple words:  "Thank you for your service."

On this Veterans Day, thank you.