Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Media Tuesday

As we were close to wrapping up Newswatch 16 Sunday Morning on WNEP2, meteorologist Scott Stuccio walked in to the studio to say social media was popping with news of an earthquake centered in Sparta, North Carolina.  Our country experieces dozens of earthquakes every day, most too small to feel.  This was different.  It measured 5.1, and in an area that rarely gets moderate earthquakes.  Even though we didn't have much wiggle room, we rearranged some things to Scott and I would have some time to talk about it on the air.  Breaking news is why we're here.

I started hitting some big news web sites when I returned to the newsroom.  Many were slow, or asleep at the switch.

Imagine my glee when I got home and punched up the big radio blowtorch in Charlotte, WBT-AM.  I heard an actual live radio newscast and the quake was the lead story!  And this was a Sunday mornings, when many organizations are short staffed, if there is anyone in the newsroom at all.  Maybe there's hope for radio.

Speaking of radio, Rich Eisen's midday radio show is increasing its exposure.  It will be on a station in San Diego, and probably others, in the near future.  There is supposed to be a return to satellite radio, but the big news is the show will be on cable tv and the free part of the Peacock TV streaming service.  I enjoy Eisen's show.  The interviews are solid.  There's humor and it's not over the top.

"General Hospital" has returned to production and some game shows are soon to follow.  Outside of news, I really don't watch much television.  Still, it's nice to know there is some new product out there.

Interest in "Shark Week"...  zero.