Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009: The Amtrak Visit

Regular blog readers know that I like photographing trees, rivers, bridges, buildings, baseball stadiums... and trains!

Old trains are cool, and I love them.  However, I also have a fondness for sleek Amtrak passenger engines.  You rarely see them in these parts.  I photographed this one at Steamtown back on Labor Day morning.

Speaking of trains, there's no reason why this country should have such an anemic passenger rail system.  Just before Christmas, we saw how one big storm disrupts air travel.  There is no "plan b."  Trains can solve a lot of our problems.  They can take the heat off the overburdened interstate highway system.  They can provide an alternative to air travel.  There's so much wasted potential.

Sadly, I have to note a couple passings this morning.

Bob Adams died the other day.  You might remember him as WILK's "Cruisin" Bob Adams of the 70's.  He was a master control operator at WNEP when I arrived in 1998.  We worked different shifts.  I did not know him well, but I will fondly remember his radio work.

Dave Diles, a legendary Detroit sportscaster, has also passed away.  For a long time, Dave Diles and Warner Wolf did a college football scoreboard show, on ABC, on Saturday afternoons.  This was the pre satellite days.  Not every game was televised, and highlights weren't easily available.  Diles and Wolf still managed to make the show interesting and informative.

Tomorrow, my favorite photo of 2009.