Thursday, December 3, 2009

Once A Year

I graduated from Marywood College, now Marywood University.  I was never in love with the place, but I do return once a year for the annual Christmas tree lighting.  It's my way to kick start the Christmas spirit in my black soul.

I do the same thing every year.  I wander through the Nazareth Hall student center.  I drop by the radio and television stations.  I pay a visit to Juneann Greco, who now handles Marywood's public relations.  She's a classmate, and Junie requested that I drop her name in the blog this year.  Junie, I aim to please.

I tried to make this year slightly different.  I vowed this would be the year I got a good picture of Marywood's 20+ foot tree in the rotunda of the Liberal Arts Center.  As you know, I'm photographically challenged.  Shooting a Christmas tree is tough.  If you use a flash, you wash out the lights.  It's easy to blur the lights without the flash.  I read web sites.  I consulted experts.  I tried to do it right.  This year's effort is the best in a while, but still not perfect.

The photo doesn't do the tree justice.  As I always say, stop by for a look if you're in the neighborhood.  This year's tree uses energy efficient LED bulbs.  The blue lights seem to have a special kick to them.

It's funny.  I spent four years at Marywood, yet never attended the tree lighting ceremony when I was a student.  This must be the fifth or sixth year I've gone back.  I saw a couple of my contemporaries, and that's always a treat.

We have bonus coverage this year.  I snapped a shot of the decorated tree, outside, in the Memorial Commons.  It was taken around 4:30 PM, just after the inside ceremony wrapped up.

Marywood does have one of the nicer campuses around, and it's even better at Christmas.

If everything goes as planned, I'll write a few paragraphs on my radio station visit, in a blog next week.

Happy Holidays!