Wednesday, September 27, 2017


It seems like people are talking about four big things these days-- the NFL protests, the raid on government in Lackawanna County, the John Oliver train, and the heat.

While all four topics will likely see some space here, today, it's the heat.

I have this fear we'll go directly from summer to winter, depriving us of the great autumn season.  Noreen Clark and I touched on this briefly on a recent weekend, but there is a charm to wearing a jacket and going for a walk on a brisk fall day, climbing under a blanket in the evening, sleeping without a fan or air conditioner in the background (even though I'm now used to the noise and will miss it a bit when it's gone).  I still find it strange to watch the leaves on my chestnut tree brown and drop while the temperature approaches 90 degrees.

At least we don't have that summer-like high humidity, and temperatures should return to normal levels in a day or two.  Those extreme long range forecasts, which I never believe, indicate a warmer and drier than normal fall.

There are some plusses.  My pre dawn bike rides are comfortable, and it's not difficult to work up a good sweat.  I do enjoy looking at Halloween decorations and lights while hearing the crunch of leaves beneath my tires-- and not freezing when I coast down hills.

I'm reminded of that saying that you might hate the weather, but you can't change it.

I usually don't promote the next day's entry here, but tomorrow, there will be some thoughts on the passing of former Congressman Joe McDade.  There are some stories you won't see and hear anywhere else.