Thursday, May 6, 2021

Customer Service-Not


Today, it's a lesson in to how NOT treat a long standing customer and how NOT to make a sale.

I had to stop in a cell phone store the other day because I needed to make a change to my account.  I got one foot in the door when a "customer service" rep (word used loosely) met me at the door.  He asked what I needed.  I responded that I had to talk to someone about my account.  He handed me a paper and told me to call the number on the sheet.

Forget that I also wanted to walk around the store and check out new models.  The "customer service" rep just wanted me gone.  I do understand they are trying to limit store traffic during the current situation, but the store really wasn't busy during my visit.

I had some other errands to run, and I called the toll free number when I got home.  After being on hold for at least five minutes, I found someone who took care of what I needed, but not until I jumped through a bunch of hoops, including verification texts, and resetting pins and passwords.  It took longer than expected.  The man on the phone explained he was working from home and a major thunderstorm has just passed through Atlanta.  For some reason, it slowed computer traffic.

If I stayed in the store, I might have seen a model, I liked and I am long overdue for an upgrade.  Note to business people:  people spend money in stores, not while they are stuck on hold.

There is a better way to do things.