Friday, May 13, 2022

Friday Scrapple


Any time a network makes a splashy hire involving an ex-jock, I am reminded of Joe Montana on NBC,  Great quarterback.  Lousy broadcaster.

I wish spring stuck around longer.  The heat is already here.

It's amazing how much a smiling retail clerk makes your day.

I can stare at a bumble bee for hours and still wonder how it gets off the ground.

Chips and salsa is one of the world's great snacks.

Why is nothing simple when dealing with a government agency?

A friend and I recently were discussing the glory days of the shopping mall.  It was everything you wanted under one roof, plus fountains.

Speaking of which, I know they are expensive and high maintenance, but I do wish we had more fountains around here.

While I really enjoyed the early years of "The Big Bang Theory," before it became a standard bickering couples comedy in its later years, I have not watched one minute of "Young Sheldon."

The stock market is doing wonders for Alka Seltzer and Pepto Bismol sales.

It appears recent political polls are all pointing in the same direction.  There are a lot of candidates who should be very worried going in to the final weekend of the spring campaign.

It is amazing how quickly we can go from monsoon to brush fires.

Every allergy season seems to be worse than the previous one.

A trip to the drug store really illustrates supply chain issues.