Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Time Passages

Radio Shack announced yesterday that it's closing more than 1,000 stores, or about one-quarter of the company.

Above is a picture of the Taylor store that I took yesterday.  We don't know if Taylor is on the list.

As I noted here a while back, somewhere along the line, Radio Shack stopped being fun.  I remember the yearly thrill when the Radio Shack catalog arrived.  Thanks to the internet, the things at one time found only at Radio Shack, are all over the place.  This is a company that lost its way, and I'm sorry.

I'm also sorry to note the passing of former Wilkes-Barre mayor Lee Namey.  I was on the radio when he was first elected, and I thought we had a good, working, professional relationship.  Namey might have tried to spin me, but he never dodged me.  My symapthy to Lee Namey's family and friends.