Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Business Tuesday


I really should care about Texas and Oklahoma moving to the SEC.  I really should.  This could trigger an implosion in the college football world.  To me, it's just another episode in a story I've believed all along.  College sports, especially football, is a huge business.  The original intent and mission of collegiate sports died long ago.

The Cleveland Indians become the Cleveland Guardians at the end of the current baseball season.  I understand why "Indians" had to go.  Guardians?  I don't see this one as triggering a wave of new merchandise sales.

I'm running in to more businesses, especially bars and restaurants, altering their hours because they can't find enough help.  What's happening here?

Casinos here in Pennsylvania are reporting healthy profits.  With pandemic restrictions eased, people have apparently regained the urget o go out and lose their money.

The Wall Street roller coaster seems to be a bit bumpier these days.    I'm no expert.  I have people who watch my money for me.  However, watching the daily fluctuations is keeping the antacid people in business.

Gasoline proces seem to have backed off a bit, a tiny bit.  There is only one month left in peak summer driving season.  There is still plenty of hurricane season left to go, and a storm in the gulf has the potential to cause major problems.  I don't think anyone can predict the way things will go.

I haven't seen any TV ratings from the Tokyo Olympics just yet.  No major interesting stories from the games, so far, and that can'tg be good news for the TV people.