Friday, July 2, 2021

Rumsfeld and the 4th


He is perhaps one of the more controversial political figures of our time.  Former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld died yesterday.  88.  Rumsfeld served under President Ford and President Bush 43.  I'll let history judge Mr. Rumsfeld, especially because of his decisions concerning Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11.

It's safe to say that other than being president, defense secretary and secretary of state have to be the most difficult jobs in American government.  State is incredibly hard because you are dealing with a world that seems to change on a daily basis and the wrong decision could set off a war.

With defense, you are running a multi trillion dollar corporation.  Most important of all, you have the power to send young men and women to die.

Shifting gears, it's Independence Day weekend.  I appreciate what the day is all about and I remain in awe of the courage and wisdom of the founding fathers.

Moving on to contemporary times, the day is too bright, too hot, too noisy and too dangerous.  I know why the state still tolerates neighborhoods turning into war zones.  Follow the money.  But, what is the price of safety?  So many people are against the fireworks law.  Harrisburg looks the other way.