Tuesday, November 9, 2021



The New York Daily News, with help from IMDB.com recently ranked the top television sitcoms since 2000.

How many on the list have I watched?  One and a half.  That's a measly six per cent.

The one was "Scrubs."  It was funny from the pilot to the last episode with the original cast.  The final season, "Med School" was mildly amusing, at best, but I watched it.  "Scrubs" was one of the few shows that could make you laugh, and make you cry in the same half hour.  Great writing.  Great characters.

The half is "The Big Bang Theory."  The first few years were funny.  I could relate to the social awkwardness of the main characters, especially the guy who pined for the unattainable woman.  Things changed and "The Big Bang Theory" simply became another bickering couples sitcom.  I stopped watching.

My own list?  I have to admit that I haven't watched many.  There were plenty that started out great, but petered out rather quickly.  "My Name is Earl," Dharma and Greg," and "Two Broke Girls" to name a few.

My prime time viewing is way down, even with time shifting, and streaming, I really don't miss it.