Friday, November 19, 2021



It was a mystery that frustrated me for an entire day.  My home internet connection disappeared.

Let's take you back to the beginning.  I came home from work on a Sunday morning.  My routine is to have breakfast while listening to an all news radio station from Philadelphia.  I asked my Amazon Echo to play KYW.  She replied that there was no internet connection.  There was no panic.  It was 9:30 on a Sunday morning.  I assumed the internet provider was doing maintenance.  It made sense.  There was a massive outage a few days prior.

I visited my home office area and unplugged my modem.  I wanted 30 seconds and plugged it back in.  Still nothing.  The frustration was ramping up.

It was time to go to sleep and I always drift off listening to CBS Sports Radio.  The network's weekend hosts are very good, and I enjoy the banter, even though I'm not a hard core sports fan.  Still no internet.  I grabbed a portable radio and tried to tune the local AM affiliate.  Unfortunately, since a transmitter power decrease, I can't pick it up where I live.  I was forced to go to sleep in silence.

I have a horrible problem of not being able to sleep straight through a night, or afternoon in my case.  During my "awake" periods, I did the modem unplugging thing again.  Still nothing.

Grrrrrr...  The thought of calling the cable company the next day to troubleshoot was upsetting my stomach.

Sleep time was over at 10 PM, and I had a little time to kill before coming to work.  I traced the cable, checking every connection-- the splitter, the modem, etc.  Everything was nicely snug.  It was time to face facts.  I was going to have to call the cable company when I returned from work the next day.

Then, it came to me.  There was one thing I hadn't checked.  The router.  It's one of those slim and sleek models.  The led's that indicate functioning and transmitting are in the back of the unit and I didn't realize it didn't have power.  The power cord was pulled out.

It was time for deep thought.  I recalled a cat, for reasons unknown, came barreling in to my home office area the day before, and ran beneath my computer desk.  The little rascal must have pulled out the router cord.  I was kicking myself for waiting so long to check the router.  I mistakenly assumed the issue was with the modem or the cable itself.

Vacation task:  cat proof my computer area!