Wednesday, November 3, 2021

The Numbers


A couple of quick observations before a look at the numbers...

I was voter 56 in my precinct and I voted at 12:30 pm.  Awful numbers in my town and in much of our region.  The number of uncontested races, everywhere, was astounding.  All the "third party" talk makes me giggle sometimes.  In parts of our area, they can't even get a second party.

Friends and coworkers asked me for my prediction going in to this thing.  My standard response was "no surprises."  It looks like I was right.

Dempsey cruises to victory on the Lackawanna County court of common pleas.  Nisha Arora put up a good and well funded fight.  I thought the low turnout might help her.  It didn't.

Thom Welby wins the special election in the 113th.  Full disclosure.  Thom is a friend and a former coworker.  Plus, he's an old radio guy.  I'm happy for him.  I don't live in the 113th.  Former Lackawanna County deputy sheriff Dom Manetti went in to this uphill fight, as did Libertarian Bonnie Flaherty.  I'm guessing we haven't heard the last of either, and that's a good thing.

Paige Cognetti stays in Scranton City Hall.  Once again, the Republicans handed her a victory on a silver platter.

Mark Powell had no opposition for Lackawanna County district attorney, an office Republicans controlled for decades.  Powell, a Democrat, gets a second term.

Congratulations to former coworker Jim Hamill, soon to be a Honesdale councilman.

Joe Peters, a candidate with an impressive resume, takes over as district attorney in Wyoming County, and he made it look easy.

As I write this, Stefanie Salavantis and Tara Toohill are headed for black robes in Luzerne County.  District justice Alexandra Kokura Kravitz put up an expensive fight.  Salavantis, the former district attorney had tons of name recognition.  State Representative Toohill had a solid base in the Hazleton area, and the very late night count of those votes moved her in to second place.

As midnight approaches, the Luzerne County controller race is still too close to call.

Republicans lead races for governor in Virginia and New Jersey.  NJ is a big surprise.  The Democrat incumbent was up by eight points in a very recent poll.  In Virginia, the Democrat saw a big lead evaporate.  Interesting.

Look out for next year!  We will elect a new senator and a new governor.  Plus, with redistricting, new people will be running in different places.  Vote 22 will be loud and expensive.

Time to start working on next year's graphics!