Thursday, January 20, 2022

Business Thursday


Just a couple of items on the agenda today...

The last "full line" Sears in the state of Pennsylvania is closing.  It's in Montgomery County, just outside of Philadelphia.

Stores have come and gone. We had Grant's, Woolworth's, Montgomery Ward, Zayre, King's, Bon Ton, Hess's...  The list is endless.  But, there was something about Sears.  Its appliances, sporting goods and tools had excellent reputations.  Its clothes weren't going to get you on the cover of GQ, but it was solid stuff.  You could get a pair of jeans and some shirts, and it wasn't going to bankrupt you.

It just makes me sad as to how the chain has been bungled to the verge of extinction.

Speaking of bungling, my first radio station, WARM 590 is being sold again.  A sports network is out.  A simulcast with a country station is in, but who knows if that will remain.

The old WARM is never coming back.  Never.  Ever.  I just hope the new owner attempts to make the place respectable again.  Invest in a transmitter that spends more time on than off.  Fix that anemic signal.  Get involved in the community again.  Advertise.  Promote.  Make something of it.

This is a station just begging for some attention from a committed owner.