Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Just a Second!


I think Pat Summerall and I would have been friends.

I was watching John Madden eulogize Summerall in a YouTube clip.  Madden started to ramble.  He stopped and said how Summerall was constantly preaching "brevity."


I constantly try to improve my craft by watching YouTube videos on photography.  Some creators are fantastic.  They do show and tells and get right to the point.  Others ramble, in love with the sound of their own voices and images.  Stop that!  Stop it now!  

By the way, if you are interested in photography, look up the "Photo Genius" on YouTube.  Paul Farris really is a genius and he explains things so anyone can understand, even me.  He also does it in an efficient manner.

Yes, my own industry is guilty of this.  Why do newswriters constantly use and overuse the phrase "in connection with?"  99 per cent of the time, it's avoidable.

I actually heard "destructive fire" the other day.  Show me one that wasn't.

There are a thousand other examples I can bring up, but in the name of brevity, I'll stop here.