Friday, January 28, 2022

Unfinished Friday


Just touching on a couple of topics that have been mentioned before...

It's happening again-- the annual whining over who gets in, and who doesn't get in, to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  The Baseball Writers Association, once again, excluded the steroid infused cheaters.  I'm in the minority here, but bravo!  Clemens, Bonds, and company shouldn't be there.  Period.  End of sentence.  They cheated.

The same goes for Pete Rose.  He bet on baseball, the biggest sin of all.  And then, he lied about it.  Rose only came clean when he had a book to sell.  Rose fans say he was straight as a player.  The infractions happened when Rose was a manager, and he should be in the Hall.  Bunk!  Same guy.  Never.  Never ever.

And then, there is the continuing soap opera called the "CBS Evening News."  It was reported this week that CBS offered the anchor job to Brian Williams.  You know Brian.  He was the guy who was suspended and demoted because he made stuff up about his reporting.  And now, thanks to his time on MSNBC, his political leanings are clear.  Williams turned down the offers, and CBS should be happy he did.

As I have long lamented here, and apology for the inside baseball stuff, the CBS problem is not the anchor of its evening news broadcast.  The local news gets hammered on big city CBS stations across the country, and the "CBS Evening News" gets no lead in audience.  CBS, fix the local news and you will have more people watching your signature broadcast.