Thursday, January 13, 2022

High Anxiety


As I write this, forecasters are raising the possibility of a large snowstorm for Monday, and that's after a weekend where we could see temperatures dip below zero.

Anxiety, high anxiety, is setting in.  I worry about getting myself and family members to medical appointments, getting to work, getting home, and everything else associated with travel.

I'm sure there will be a supermarket trip in my future.  I'm good on Pop Tarts and Diet Pepsi.  The same goes for chunky peanut butter and cups o' noodles.  I could use a couple of frozen pizzas and I'm low on Cheerios (the plain kind).  A bag of kettle chips wouldn't hurt.

I filled my pepper mill yesterday afternoon, and I filled my gas tank yesterday morning.  I even bought the brand of gas my little SUV likes the best.  Hey, it's a snow storm.  This is not the time to go cheap.

Of course, the storm could bring us mostly rain, or it could skirt off to the southeast.

It's setting up to be a high anxiety weekend.