Monday, September 25, 2023

Biting the Hand


The National Football  League wields considerable power over the media in this country.  That's why it's a little surprising, and refreshing, when someone who makes their living off the league issues criticism.

It came last week from former Bengal and Jet Boomer Esiason.  On his WFAN radio morning show, Esiason said the league has a real problem on its hands, in the form of violence at football games-- not on the field, but in the seats.

Fights and football go hand in hand, or fist in fist.  It's nothing new, but some fights this year have increased, and some were horribly violent.  By the way, fighting over sports teams might be one of the stupidest and saddest things ever.  Isn’t there anything more important in your life?  

Exposing the problem is the first step, and I'm glad Esiason did that.  It took guts to bite the hand, and it should be noted that Esiason is on the CBS TV pre game show Sunday afternoons.  The solution is elusive.  Increasing security is a no-brainer.  I don't think security can stop fights, but it can break them up quickly.

And, then there is alcohol.  Beer companies spend big money to advertise on television, on radio, and in stadiums.  Limiting in-stadium sales won't go over well, with breweries or fans.  Plus, there is no way you could have enough security to patrol tailgate parties in parking lots.

Yes, Boomer, the league does have a big problem.  It faces some difficult choices ahead.