Monday, September 4, 2023

Labor Day


Labor Day has finally arrived, and regular blog readers know it is among my favorite holidays.

It means a return to cooler weather, kids back in school, smaller crowds everywhere, less weekend traffic, and whole bunch of other good things.

For people of my era and slightly older, Labor day was always Jerry Lewis telethon day.  The man helped raise millions to fight muscular dystrophy and time will never dim those accomplishments.

I'll admit that Lewis was never my cup of tea.  However, I was watching an ancient appearance on "What's My Line?"  He was clever, funny and charming.

I digress.

Above is a recent early morning photo of the statue of labor leader John Mitchell, on the Adams Avenue side of Courthouse Square in downtown Scranton, complete with my shadow in the foreground.

Some many people worked so hard to build this country, and work hard to keep it going.

Please, remember what the day is all about.