Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Wednesday Scrapple


Can we stop the "I was today old when..." stuff already?

A 17 year old football player dies on the field, and I get this horrible feeling it could have been prevented.  The investigation should be interesting.

The United Senate relaxed its dress code.  Do you remember when institutions used to stand for something?

The new moderator of NBC's "Meet the Press" began her tenure with a stunt.  Please see previous entry about institutions that used to stand for something.

The New York Times farmed out its sports section this week.  See previous entry about institutions that used to stand for something.

Will a new UAW union contract place the cost of a new car out of reach for the middle class?

It's 2023.  Why are there still mink coats?

Wendy's has discontinued the strawberry Frosty for the season.  I can be more than happy with the chocolate.

If you want an eye opener, buy a police radio and note the number of overdoses on the weekend overnight shift.  It worsens every week.

My old friend, the great David DeCosmo, recently celebrated a birthday.  The man is a legend and I'm glad we worked together.  Plus, David was a tremendous help during my radio pup days.

It never fails to irritate me when football fans gloat over an overwhelming win against a vastly lesser, cupcake opponent.  Plus, running up the score during high school games has become a weekly thing.   Show some class. It's one of the reasons I don't follow sports as closely as I once did.  Of course, I do need a passing knowledge because of the job.

How could a flood kill more than 11-thousand in Libya?

Why did it take the government so long to determine some popular decongestants don't work?  What have they been doing all these years?

One word if Twitter charges a fee:  delete.

Monday Night Football will be on ABC every week.  The network needs material because of the writers' strike.  Just like the old days.  Nostalgia.  I like that.

By the way, Buck and Aikman have now passed Summerall/Madden as the longest tenured NFL broadcasting duo.