Friday, September 29, 2023

Free Speech


I am a firm believer in free speech.  I also believe "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."

The New York Jets are struggling mightily this season under the leadership of backup quarterback Zach Wilson.  

The face of the franchise, Joe Willie Namath, who led the Jets to their one and only Super Bowl win, went on a radio show this week and savaged young Mr. Wilson.  It was brutal.  For the record, Wilson is an adult, and a well paid professional.  Slings and arrows come with the job.  The world knows the Jets are awful.  Namath was just piling on, and I didn't see a need for it.  He could have said the same things, but in a much more diplomatic fashion.  It's tough to have sympathy for a kid who makes more in a year than I'll make in a lifetime, but I did.  Joe Willie was just being mean.

On an unrelated note, Terry Kirkman died last week.  He was one of the founders of "The Association."  "Along Comes Mary" is one of pop's greatest songs-- ever.