Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Go Serve Yourself


I saw a newspaper story last week that said a huge fast food chain is phasing out self service soda dispensers in its dining rooms.

The company reasons that the bulk of its business is now drive through and delivery.  Fewer people are eating in the building.  The machines are an expense and a maintenance issue.  Out they go!  The story goes on to say employees won't be burdened with the task of filling your drink, even if you dine-in.  They'll have a machine behind the counter for that.  Translation:  I hope you like ice because you are going to be getting a lot more of it in your drinks!  At least the self service machines were customizable.  You could get as much ice, or as little, as you liked.  It's the American way.  Pay more, get less.

Drink up!