Monday, September 11, 2023

The Rideless Ride


The familiar sign was there, but this year's day in Jessup dedicated to SGT Jan Argonish was quite different.

Jan was killed in Afghanistan 16 years ago.  There was a charity motorcycle ride for 15 years, with the money raised going to help veterans and their families in need.  For a variety of personal reasons, I couldn't attend last year-- the first one I've missed in eons.

Last year was the final ride.  Organizers thought 15 years was a good time to cap it off.  Yesterday, it was a small picnic in Jessup-- food and drink, some music, raffles, etc.

It reminded me of when Jerry Lewis scaled back the telethon.

I stopped by for a few minutes, took a few pictures, caught up with some old friends.

While the event has changed, the mission remains the same.