Friday, September 1, 2023

Friday Scrapple


Do you get the feeling Shohei Ohtani watched millions of dollars fly out the window last week?

I smell fall, and I'm happy... but there is still plenty of hot weather coming up, and I'm sad.

Does anyone still shred their own cheese?

The Little League World Series seemed longer this year, and the high school football season arrived faster than usual.

The horror of the Maui fires isn't wearing off for me.  And, hurricanes will forever fascinate me.

WE ARE...  last in football academics in the Big Ten!

Last week's Republican presidential candidate debate had far too much screaming for me.

I like $5 bills.  So versatile.

I still believe Post Its are one of the greatest inventions in American history.

The "drought watch" for my county is finally over!

I know the subject material is controversial, especially for someone who went to a Catholic college, and for someone who started on a radio station owned by a Catholic college, but Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young" is a fine song, and yes, I remember every word.

Late night TV is so bad, I almost long for Conan O'Brien.

I never tire of the "college kids moving into dorms" story.

Remember the days when a mosquito bite was a minor nuisance rather than a major health crisis?