Sunday, November 12, 2023

Andy's Angles: Flaws and All


The sun wasn't my friend when I took this shot of the Lackawanna River at Archbald on a late October morning.  I had a bad sun angle, and even tweaking in editing didn't help much.  A filter would have helped, and I had one in my bag.

Still, there are a few things here to like and I didn't have the heart to dump it in the trash bin.

And before I hit "publish" for the day, it's one more Marywood University "Field of Flags" shot and a word about amateur photography.

I really wasn't happy with my shots along the Lackawanna River a few weeks ago.  I did get some good close ups.  Most of it wasn't very sharp.  After thinking about it for a moment, my ISO was too low (100) when I was shooting in AV.  The camera compensated for the low ISO by slowing the shutter speed, and that resulted in camera shake.  I should have known better.

I took my Marywood University photographs on an overcast, drizzly morning.  I still shot in AV, but I switched the ISO to auto, and everything worked fine.

The camera stayed on ISO 100 for the wide shots.  When I zoomed in for a shallow depth of field, my ISO's ranged between 250 and 500.