Monday, November 6, 2023

One More Day, and Ken Mattingly


Apologies for an excess of election yammering lately, but I feel this stuff is important-- especially this year.

Turnout usually lags in odd years.  The voters will be back next year to elect a president,  a United States senator and members of congress..

But today is also huge.

Tomorrow is the day we pick mayors, supervisors, council members, school directors, commissioners...  These are the men and women who control our schools, our taxes, public safety, public works, and a myriad of other local issues.  It can be argued that these people hold more influence over your life than anyone in Harrisburg and Washington.

Please, vote tomorrow.

And before the "publish" button is pressed for another day...

This item might have become lost during last week's tributes to the boorish Bobby Knight, but Ken Mattingly died October 31st.

Mattingly was supposed to fly aboard Apollo 13, but he was taken off the mission because of exposure to Rubella.  Instead, he stayed home and helped come up with the plan to get the Apollo 13 astronauts safely back to earth.  He orbited the moon as part of the Apollo 16 mission, and Ken Mattingly was on two space shuttle flights.

If you want a hero, look no further than Ken Mattingly.  He wasn't on a basketball court.  He was in the sky.  

Ken Mattingly was 87 years old.