Thursday, November 16, 2023

Hey, 19!


The blog is 19 years old today.  Old enough to vote, not old enough to drink.

As I thought about today's entry, I looked for an anniversary story or tidbit that I hadn't offered up before.  After all, there have been many, many anniversary day entries.

Two words come to mind:  restraint and loyalty.

There are a lot of things I'd like to say here, but it still says "journalist" on my income tax return, so I can't offer up opinions on controversial topics.  Believe me, it's been tempting.  Tony Kornheiser says the new most dangerous word in the English language is "send."  When it comes to the blog, it's "publish."  The last 19 years have taught me the value of thinking twice.

It's given me a creative outlet, which we all need.  For example, I'm working on an entry for next week, where the topic is my first semester as a college student, complete with my actual report card!  Stay tuned for that one!!  I really enjoyed putting that entry together.

And there is the loyalty.  I don't get caught up in numbers.  I know the blog is never going to set the world on its ear.  That's okay.  It gets between 250 and 300 hits a day, and I thank you for that.  The number might seem small, but the fact that a few hundred people drop in to see a photo, or read what I have to say warms the old man's heart.

We moved to this blogging platform in April of 2008, so the early years are lost, but since the move, this blog has received about 1.6 million page views.  It is amazing, and astonishing, and I cannot thank you enough.

And, year 20 begins!