Wednesday, November 8, 2023

The Numbers


The major statewide contest was the race for Supreme Court justice, between Republican Carolyn Carluccio and Democrat Daniel McCaffery.  Republicans usually do well in statewide races, even though Democrats control the cities.  It was a good night to be a Democrat.  That party took all of the major court races.

The contest for Lackawanna County commissioner was generally considered a race for third.  Matt McGloin and Bill Gaughan racked up impressive numbers in the spring.  Plus, they have the registration advantage.  While the Democratic party did have a lot of baggage here, including reassessment and prison scandals, the incumbents were not on the ballot.  McGloin and Gaughan didn't have that cloud over them because Debi Domenick didn't run for reelection and Jerry Notarianni didn't make it past the primary.  McGloin and Gaughan cruised here, and it wasn't even close.  No surprise.  Chermak retains his minority seat.

Incumbents win on city council in Scranton, and it was no surprise there.

In fact, it was a night of few surprises.  Mayor Brown in Wilkes-Barre and Mayor Cusat in Hazleton breeze to easy victories.

Lackawanna County, where I live, had a 37 per cent voter turnout, just about where it was two years ago and four years ago.  People simply are not interested in off year elections.  You will likely see that number double next year when we elected a president, one third of the senate, and all members of congress.

On to Vote 24!