Thursday, November 30, 2023

Second Guessing, and Henry Kissinger


There have been times I've written blog entries just before midnight, but most of the time, they are done days in advance.  This program allows me to choose when they appear here.

Something has changed.

In the past, I'd write and go.  Now, it's different.

I'll go back and look at entries that are in the queue.  Change.  Adjust.  Tinker.  Tweak.  I'm not sure if it's just a phase, or if things will be different until this blog comes to an end.

It has been said that good books are edited, not written.  I'll go along with that, somewhat.  While this is not a book, it is a little chapter, with one appearing daily.  I've never seen a news story, even my own, that I wouldn't change-- at least a wee bit.

When I read, watch movies, tv shows, or documentaries, I am keen to things that would have improved the product by being deleted.

Yes, less is more.

And before I pad this entry with more useless words, it's time to hit the "publish" button.

We'll talk tomorrow.

But a late add...

Has an unelected official in this country ever wielded more power and influence than Henry Kissinger?  The former Secretary of State died yesterday at the age of 100.  And, yes, I know President Ford was unelected.  There is a very short list in that power category,  The Soviet Union, the Middle East, China, Vietnam.  The world would have been a very different place.