Thursday, November 9, 2023

Thursday Scrapple


When does Pumpkin Spice season end?  I suspect it's right after Thanksgiving.  Then, Peppermint season takes over and I like that one much more.

Ecstasy is when you nail a Final Jeopardy question and all three contestants miss it.  It's happened twice in recent weeks.  Little things like that make my day.

I'm sure NFL games in Europe make financial sense for the league, but I don't like them and will never like them.

One of my happiest days on the calendar is the day after Halloween.

The Texas Rangers are world champions.  I rooted for the underdog, the Arizona Diamondbacks, but I can live with this.  I'm just sorry the series didn't go seven games.

World Series television ratings were awful.  I didn't watch any of the live TV broadcasts, but I did catch a few innings on the overnight replays.  There was no energy.  Radio, which I caught live on a few occasions, was even worse.  Even though it was the lowest rated World Series in history, it still had more viewers that most shows on broadcast television that week.

The end of the World Series is one of the definitive sign that winter is here.

I love the Beatles, but the new "Now and Then" does nothing for me, and the video is just plain creepy.

I become tired driving 26.2 miles, so a huge congratulations to my coworker, Chelsea Strub, who completed the New York City Marathon earlier this month.

I toured the Citizens Voice in Wilkes-Barre shortly after the newspaper moved in, in 1984.  It is sad to see the North Washington Street, Wilkes-Barre building up for sale.

If Twitter is now X, why do you still access it by typing in

The new chili lime Sun Chips aren't bad.

Please, big box stores and supermarkets, go back to 24/7 operation!