Thursday, November 2, 2023



Dan Patrick and Rich Eisen are both former ESPN "SportsCenter" anchors, and both now do radio shows.  Patrick is on from 9 am to noon.  Eisen has the noon to 3 pm slot, and I like them both.  Patrick and Eisen both have the ability to transition from serious sports news to the lighthearted-- plus they occasionally hit on some entertainment and pop culture topics.

What I especially enjoy is when Patrick and Eisen appear on each other's shows.  It's just two media veterans swapping stories and having laughs.  Both admitted to having dreams, maybe nightmares, about their ESPN days.  Patrick and Eisen both said the dreams usually center around something troublesome-- like not making it to the studio on time, unfinished scripts, disappearing video, etc.

I've bored you with my old radio stories here several times in the past.  I spent nearly eleven years at WARM.  Good times, and bad.  I value the experience, and I often say "If I knew then what I know now..."

Yes, I often dream about my old WARM days.  It is generally variations on a theme.  I go back.  The layout of the building in Avoca is basically the same.  Most of my former co-workers are there.  The building has expanded a bit, becoming a dizzying maze of offices, studio and technical areas.  There is some old equipment there.  There is plenty of new stuff.   The common denominator is I don't know how to operate any of the gear, new or old.  I'm lost in the building.  I'm lost when it comes to performance.

From what I've read on web sites, radio people dreaming about past or present work is nothing new.  Many of the dreams appear to center on records running out and nothing going out over the air, being accidentally locked out of the studio, being late for work, etc.

I'm sure some dream analyst can tell me what it all means.

Even though the dreams can be disturbing, I really don't mind.  It's nice to visit an important part of my past, without leaving my bed.