Wednesday, November 15, 2023



What?    Again?

Yes, I'm on vacation.

It's poor planning on my part.  I didn't take much time off in the first half of the year, so there is a lot to burn off in the second.  I was holding some days back for personal reasons.

It's all good.  I don't mind the chilly weather.  I'll take 40 degrees over 90.  Chilly has a charm.  Coat.  Brisk walks.  Hot soup, warm blankets, and a cuddling cat when you get home.

There is still ample photographic opportunity.  I do like taking pictures in the leaf-deprived starkness of late fall/early winter.  Plus, Christmas decorations are starting to appear.  I'll need a new blog header in a couple of weeks.

It also gives me a little time to ponder this year's Top Ten photographs.  At least 15 are in the running, so there will be a few honorable mentions before the Top Ten begins.  It's strange this year.  There is no clear cut number one in my mind.  The decisions traditionally come down on Thanksgiving weekend.

As always, I'll be around and the weekend morning broadcasts are in good hands.