Saturday, October 7, 2017

Andy's Angles: My Happy Place

I always refer to Blakely Park, along the Lackawanna River as my "happy place" even though I spent a lot of time during an unhappy time in my life.  I walked the park just about every morning, several years ago, when I was "between jobs."  I'd frequently cross the pedestrian bridge over the river, follow the path, and venture into Olyphant.  Great scenery, and the fresh air and exercise did me good.

The park hasn't changed over the years and that's a good thing.  Keep it simple.  Water, trees, walking path, portable bathroom.  That's just about all you need.  I occasionally walk the park for fun-- even though I can't help but think of all the mornings I spent here while pondering my future.

Every town should be lucky to have an asset like this, and develop it into something really nice.