Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Equal Time

A woman called Talkback 16 to complain "the weekend guy" is no longer giving out the Cash 5 payout, and she was going to discontinue watching unless the Cash 5 payout announcement was restored.

I'm assuming I'm "the weekend guy".  The name is Andy.

I am genuinely sorry I have a dissatisfied customer.  I really am.  We're not in the business to upset viewers.

Here's the story.  I dropped the Cash 5 payout announcement when the Pennsylvania Lottery turned Match 6 into a "seven days a week" game.  The lottery segment of the weekend morning broadcasts became too long, and it was too many numbers coming at you too fast.  I didn't think it was good television.  You still get the lottery numbers, including the biggest payouts of the bunch--MegaMillions and PowerBall.  The payouts for all the games, including Cash 5, scroll by on the "ticker" several times during the broadcast.

There is a reason for everything.  Angry woman, please give "the weekend guy" another chance.