Thursday, November 17, 2022

A Sad Week


It's been a sad week.

The comedian known as Gallagher died Friday.  I found him amusing at times, but he really wasn't my thing.  I will give him credit for the Sledge O Matic routine, which vaulted him to stardom.   It was wildly inventive and quite funny.  Gallagher was 76.

Jim Bohannon died Saturday.  He did an overnight network talk show and an early morning news broadcast.  I liked the news rather than the talk show.  The talk show, inherited when Larry King stopped mailing it in and moved to television, was rather mild.  Bohannon got the best out of his guests, but his style was rather tame and not really compelling.  Bohannon's news broadcasts were a different story.  He had gravitas, but also a wonderfully warm, folksy charm.  Great pipes.  Jim Bohannon was a member of the Radio Hall of Fame.  He retired recently and died at the age of 78.

Bob Uguccioni also died Saturday.  He was 87.  Bob ran the Pocono Mountain Visitor's Bureau for a very long time.  Bob WAS the Poconos.  His family was in the hospitality business, and Bob was largely responsible for bringing thousands of people, and millions of dollars, to the Poconos over the years.  He had the job at a tough time.  The Poconos resorts were showing their age.  Atlantic City got gambling first, and that siphoned off plenty of business.  Competing with the nearby Catskills was also a challenge.  Bob was never afraid of a television camera, in good times or bad.  I enjoyed talking with him, and this area is better off because Bob Uguccioni was one of its big advocates.

TV writer and producer David Davis died November 4.  His projects included Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart and Taxi.  I'd say the man had a more than fair track record.  Trivia:  He married Julie Kavner, Rhoda's TV sister and the voice of Simpsons characters.  David Davis was 86.  On behalf of lovers of great classic television, Mr. Davis, thank you very much.

Robert Clary died yesterday.  Louie LeBeau from "Hogan's Heroes."  Clary was the last surviving member of the original cast.  "Hogan's Heroes" was just so absurdly funny, and it still makes me laugh.  Corporal LeBeau was pretty much relegated to the sewing and cooking.  Yet, he was a vital part of the unit.  Clary last his entire family in concentration camps, and he spent 31 months on them.  After the TV series, it was on to a few daytime soaps.  Robert Clary was 96 years old.

Sunday newspapers became even less special Sunday.  Parade Magazine published its last issue.  It's now an on-line only "publication."  You were never going to go out of your way for Parade, but it is a light and breezy, fun and colorful little insert.  It was a nice read.  I'm sorry it won't be in my paper every week, and it's one more reason to skip buying the print version of the Sunday paper.  It first appeared in 1941.