Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Out of Touch


I consider myself your average American, but there are times when I find myself out of the mainstream.  Cases in point:

Sorry, World Cup fans.  Soccer bores me.

People enjoy the big wheel on "The Price is Right."  I find it tedious.  Use the time to play another game and simply take the show's top two winners for the showcase round.

In a similar vein, I've never warmed to "Wheel of Fortune."  It must be something about wheels.

I love hamburgers and I adore a good meatloaf.  I'm a big cheesesteak fan.  I do make an occasional Arby's expedition.  However, a big hunk of steak or a bloody prime rib nauseates me.  I can't remember the last time I've had a steak.  Prime rib?  Never.

I also can't remember the last time I had a cup of coffee, and I marvel at how people wait in long lines for overpriced brews.

You can line up the country's leading light beers.  I can't tell the difference. 

You can line up the country's leading seltzers.  I can't tell the difference.

I loved those Thanksgiving morning parades as a kid.  Now?  You could run video of a parade from twenty years ago and I couldn't tell the difference.

I've covered oodles of football and baseball games over the years.  The last time I watched a football game, recreationally and in person, was the Scranton Eagles and that must have been thirty years ago.  Games attended since the Red Barons became the Yankees/Railriders:  1

I've never seen any of those zombie TV shows and I don't stream anything.  I never found "Seinfeld" funny and you know how I detest "The Office."

I can identify Taylor Swift in a photo.  I don't know any of her music.

I cannot seriously think about Christmas until the middle of December.

I actually drive the speed limit!

Out of touch, and proud of it.