Monday, November 28, 2022

Cyber Monday

 It's the less complicated version of Black Friday, which I railed against last week.

Today is Cyber Monday, a day when millions of people will spend billions of dollars shopping on-line.  The big retailers are said to be offering discounts.  It's usually on things I don't need.

While I support buying local as much as possible, Cyber Monday has become a must in my book.  Stores don't have the variety they once did.  They aren't open as long as they were in the old days.  When you work odd hours, you have to shop during even more odd hours.  By the way, I will be very happy if stores and fast food joints went back to 24/7.  However, and sadly, I believe those days are gone for good.

Keep a close eye on those credit cards and the sites you choose to visit.

I only need a few things and I have them scoped out.  It's just a matter of finding, clicking, and praying it all arrives before Christmas.