Friday, November 18, 2022

Friday Scrapple

 Let's do a scatter shot as we head in to the weekend...

I caught one of Amazon's NFL games on an NFL Network replay.  Al Michaels is as great as ever, and his new partner, Kirk Herbstreit is very good.  It's too bad the pair has been stuck with lousy games.

I don't dislike Thanksgiving, however, there isn't any Thanksgiving food I really crave.

Speaking of which, I don't cook anything, but I do enjoy watching people roast turkeys on TV.

And on a similar note, the prices are outrageous, but there is something fun about the supermarket in the days leading up to Thanksgiving.

I'm still amazed that people are bent out of shape about Twitter.

The excuses on Philadelphia sports radio the morning after the Eagles lost this week were hilarious.

Above normal temperatures in June, July, and August are bad.  Above normal in the late fall is good, and it was nice while it lasted.

I'm never "in" to Christmas, and I can't really even think about it until mid December.

I like peppermint.  I like Frostys.  However, a peppermint Frosty doesn't quite work for me.

Erie and northwestern Pennsylvania are underrated areas-- until it snows.

CNN is cutting down on the drinking during its new year's eve broadcast.  Are the adults finally in charge over there?

I realize I'm not in her target audience, but I just don't get Taylor Swift.

Frightening is:  when you know the names of all the "Deal or No Deal" models, but you can't remember your newsroom computer password.

God bless Buffalo.