Monday, November 7, 2022

The Day Before


The clock is ticking.  The polls are open at 7 tomorrow morning, and many of you have already voted.

If you haven't, do a little homework today.  Read about the candidates.  Watch their videos.  Learn.  Think.

Some things are true for every election:  there is a lot at stake.  Much hinges on turnout.  A lot of independents and undecides make up their minds the weekend before the vote, so the time has come.  Most pundits are full of crap.  The tried and true, the conventional wisdom, went out the window a long time ago.

It really was quite a weekend, with much of the focus here in Pennsylvania.  Two former presidents and the current one were all here.  No matter your affiliation, that was rather cool and it shows how important we are.

The day before the election is one of the most important on the calendar.  Don't waste that valuable time today.