Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Travel Day


I have so much for which to be thankful, and on this day before Thanksgiving, I'd like to highlight one:  I don't have to go anywhere.

On this busiest travel day of the year, I have nothing to do and no place to go.  This is one of my normal work "off" days, so I'll be napping or tooling around with the computer.

In years past, I've done more than my share of holiday travel stories.  Highways.  Airports.  Bus stations.  I feel so sorry for those caught up in the frenzy, but the reward of spending time with family and friends is worth it.

This is also one of the biggest party nights of the year because it's the first really big holiday with the kids home from college and no work tomorrow for most of us.

In spite of repeated pleas from law enforcement and a dozen other groups to be careful, go slow and allow for plenty of extra travel time.  There will be some carelessness.  It's natural.  Everyone is in a hurry.

Be careful and I'll call you back later.