Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Gym Rats

It's been an odd few months at the gym.

As I noted here back in January, I didn't see that usual New Year influx of people trying to keep resolutions and knock off holiday pounds.

The place was nearly dead during my visits on those freezing cold winter mornings.

It's changed in the last week.  A cheap "join" promotion probably has something to do with it.  There's been a serious uptick in business.  I suspect a lot of people want to get in shape now that you can't hide beneath heavy winter clothes, and that's fine.  Many of the newbies come with friends and that's so important.  Exercise can be boring.  It's better if you have company.

If you are a newbie, remember to have realistic expectations.  You're not going to get in shape in a week.  It's a long road.  Be patient and keep at it.