Thursday, April 25, 2019

The First

I took my first bike ride of spring the other morning and it was totally unexpected.

Let me get you up to speed, pardon the pun.  I ride early in the morning, as long as it's warmer than 50 degrees.  We haven't had those mornings so far this spring, at least where I live.

I took my bike to the shop for its yearly tune up the other morning.  A trip to the bank didn't take as long as expected, so I arrived at the bike shop 15 minutes before opening time.

What to do?

Well, the simple and fun answer was to unload my bike from the back of my SUV and take a quick spin around south Scranton.  In a blue oxford short and jeans, I really wasn't dressed for it, but it was still great fun.  The bug bit, and I can't wait for my one or two weekly summertime rides.

The bike tech generally gave my seven year old bike high marks.  It just needs a few tweaks and some light maintenance.  I'll be back out on the roads before you know it.