Tuesday, April 16, 2019

In Memoriam

"My Favorite Year" is my favorite movie of all time, but "Quiz Show" is a close second and the best piece of film making I've ever seen.

"Quiz Show" tells the story of the people involved with "Twenty One," a rigged television game show.  It's based on a true story.  Movies like "Apollo 13" and "Twenty One" face a challenge.  They have to keep you interested and engaged, even though you know the ending before you enter the theater.

"Quiz Show" succeeds on all counts-- and then some.  Charles Van Doren is the contestant who received the answers.  The writers and director Robert Redford wind up making you feel sorry for Van Doren, even though he's a fraud and a cheat.  Tony Kornheiser raved about "Quiz Show" on his podcast the other day.  I am not alone.  This is a great film.  No car chases.  No super heroes.  Just a darn good story and one that is well told.

Charles Van Doren died last week.  He was 93.  I don't think Van Doren set out to do it, but he changed television and will always be remembered as a key figure in the evolution of the medium.