Monday, April 22, 2019

Media Monday

"Tricky Dick" on CNN ended strong.  I didn't watch the panel discussion after the last episode.

Season three of "Brockmire" on IFC has the show going in a different direction.  It's not as outrageous as the first two seasons.  Yet, watching Jim's journey in to sobriety is fascinating.

CBS is getting heat from the newspaper critics for overly focusing on Tiger Woods at the Masters.  Hello!  It was a great story!   Love him or hate him, Tiger Woods beings eyeballs to the screen.

NBC calls it TopTracer Technology.  It's the thing that puts a streak behind a golf ball in flight.  All the big networks have something similar.  I love it!

Last week's announcement of the NFL schedule was a big deal.  It's more proof that football is America's game.

"Quick Pitch" is the morning highlight show on the MLB network.  It tweaked its format a bit and remains the best highlight show on television.  For the most part, you hear the actual play by play from the game announcers and it's fantastic.

Do you remember those optical illusion prints they used to sell in malls?  Everyone sees something different.  That was my impression last week after the Mueller Report was released.  Every network had a different take.

Bill O'Reilly is starting a daily, 15 minute radio show at 11:30 am beginning April 29.  Is he the new Paul Harvey?

I admire its ability to get hyped up, but I don't care about "Game of Thrones."

Over the weekend, I caught an episode of "The Beverly Hillbillies," where Granny thought an ostrich wandering around her neighborhood was a giant chicken.  My friends, comedy doesn't get any better than that.

Mr. C-SPAN, Brian Lamb, retires May 19.