Sunday, February 25, 2024

Andy's Angles: #Sad


The signs are down.  The Rite Aid in downtown Scranton, at the corner of North Washington and Biden, is closed.

The chain is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  It's closed dozens of stores, and show me a chain that's survived by cutting.  I'm sure there are instances, but few and far between.

Rite Aid started in Scranton and while there are stores in west side and south side, it's sad the downtown presence is gone.  Thankfully, for the increasing number of people living downtown, there is still a drug store in the area.

I used to work downtown, many, many years ago-- and I was always in here for something.  It had just about everything.  I'm sure the downtown workers and residents will miss it.

I always thought it was a cool looking building-- modern, and yet a little retro.  A restaurant would fit in here nicely.  Offices, too.

Seeing vacant prime space on a busy corner is troubling, and it does send the wrong message to visitors.  With any luck, that changes soon.