Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Super Review


I would have preferred to see San Francisco win Sunday night's Super Bowl, but it's no big deal.

I'll give my prediction a mixed review.  I thought Kansas City would win, and I was right.  I didn't think it would be close, and I was wrong on that.  I clearly didn't believe there was overtime potential here, but there was.

As is my 25 year custom, I didn't watch one second of the pre game, game, or post game.  I learned the outcome by asking my Amazon Echo.  Thank you, Alexa.

This has to be one of the best sports talk radio days of the year.  From what I understand, there was plenty to second guess, on both sides of the field.  Plus, as FOX Sports Radio overnight host Ben Maller always says, the best stories are in the losing locker room.  I was really pulling for SF QB Brock Purdy, the last one chosen in the NFL draft.

I'm happy for KC GM Brett Veach, from Mount Carmel.  Local kid makes good.  Home town pride, and that's always fun.

I can't say I was ever an Andy Reid fan, but I was happy for the guy.  As Bill Belichick can attest, having a superstar quarterback can take you a long way.

There have been two overtime games in the history of the Super Bowl.  San Francisco head coach Kyle Shanahan his fingerprints on both-- as offensive coordinator in Atlanta, and now head coach with the 49ers.

I'm suffering from months of Taylor Swift overload-- from the concert tour, to the movie, to her romance with Travis Kelce of the Chiefs.  Still, it's a cute aspect of the football story, and I'm sure it drew plenty of new eyeballs to the NFL.

Jim Nantz's CBS call of the winning play was very good.  Tony Romo needed to shut up.  Kevin Harlan on the radio was amazing.

Now, it's on to baseball season!