Monday, February 19, 2024

Unfinished Monday



Last week's blog on cheese prompted a discussion in the newsroom.  There are a lot of savory dishes that use cream cheese, or as it was called on "Scrubs," "cow fudge."  Those applications are nothing new.  However, they are not for me.  I like cheesecake, and I love a schmear on a bagel.  A good cheese danish is one of my major weaknesses.  I have a hang up about cream cheese for "non sweet" things.  It's like cinnamon.  Many cultures use it in savory dishes.  Yuck!  I associate cinnamon, which I like, in sweet things and it ends there.

ABC News apparently liked photographer Tim's video of the snow in Hazleton because some of it wound up on "World News Tonight."  Someone I interviewed also popped up on the network.  The network stuff doesn't put any more money in my pocket, but it's cool nonetheless.  I'll have a little more to say about that storm coverage, in this space tomorrow.

I recently used this space to pan Billy Joel's new song, "Turn the Lights Back On."  That hasn't changed.  I love Billy Joel.  He got me through high school and college.  The new song does nothing for me.  Joel recently appeared on Howard Stern's satellite radio show.  The Stern channel is not part of my Sirius/XM package, but several snippets have turned up on You Tube.  Listening to Bill Joel play the old stuff, and hearing him describe those songs was an absolute delight.  "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant" is a masterpiece.

Nailing a Final Jeopardy! question when all three contestants blow it makes me happy beyond belief.  It happened again Thursday and the category was "landmarks."   I won't spoil it for you.  The clip is available on-line.

Enjoy your Presidents Day!