Thursday, February 22, 2024

Thursday Scrapple


Today's entry in the "you know the lyrics, even though you haven't heard the song in a long time" category is Rod Stewarts's "You're In My Heart."  On top of that, it's just one great song.

It's been cold and snowy, but you can really feel the sun getting a little stronger.

I've always felt Presidents Day should be a bigger observance here in the U.S.A.  After all, president is the most important job in the free world.

Can someone make a good muffin that doesn't crumble?  All too often, the remedy is loading it with butter and putting it in the microwave.

The power of the NFL:  The Super Bowl was two weeks ago, and the game still dominates sports talk radio.

The CW is working on revivals of "Scrabble" and "Trivial Pursuit."  I loved "Scrabble" on NBC from 1984 to 1990.  I hope they don't stray from the original.  "Trivial Pursuit" should be right up my alley, but I never cared for it.

Capitol One and Discover want to merge.  If it does happen, it will not be an easy road getting there.

For some reason, I'm experiencing a major uptick in LinkedIn activity this week.

Christie Brinkley turned 70 this week.  Think about that.

I know air travel is safe, but doesn't it seem like a jet is falling apart, in mid air, every other day?

Jimmy Kimmel told the Los Angeles Times, "I think this is my last contract."  Where will we get our tired political jokes?

Happiness is a good dental check up.

The man who helped develop the Pop Tart recently died.  Sir, I am forever in your debt.