Tuesday, February 20, 2024

My Best Friend: A Man and His Microphone


Covering a snow storm might look like fun and games, but it can be serious business.  There is the danger associated with the travel.  Slips and falls are always a concern.  I remember an ice storm in February of 2013.  My feet went out from under me, and I landed flat on by back, like in the cartoons.

Then, there are the technical problems.  Much of our gear is weather resistant.  A drop of water in the wrong place can still put you out of business.

It happened during the February 13th snow storm in Hazleton.  Photographer Tim and I were having major microphone problems.  We were dead in the water, or the snow.

It was the DO 56 L to the rescue.

Don't ask me why, but I carry my own microphone in my bag.  Personal property.  It's an Electro Voice, model DO 56 L.  The L stands for long, a few inches longer than the standard DO 56.  I used the exact same model when I was on the radio in the 80's.  Below is an old picture of channel 22's Bill Mecca and I clowning around at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport.

I found the same model on EBay several years ago, and I grabbed it.  Nostalgia.  A reminder of simpler times.

This is a great microphone!  First, the sound quality is amazing.  Second, but more importantly, the length gives you a little advantage in reaching in to get those interviews everyone wants to grab at the same time.

When my Hazleton snow story aired, our executive producer walked over to my desk.  One of our web people was already there.  "Hey, what's the story with the microphone?"  Yes, it wasn't standard WNEP Newswatch 16 issue.  I explained what I told you above, and all is well.

I was never a Boy Scout, but I do travel well prepared.